Dear Backers and Supporters,

We didn’t quite make it this time! But we are not done yet!

We would like to thank all our backers for their support in bringing Last One In to life!

It’s been an amazing learning experience for the team. This was our first Kickstarter and no matter how much preparation you do, there is nothing like running a campaign in the real world to teach you how all this stuff works!

We have big plans ahead for a re-launch in May this year, and we are confident it will succeed this time. December is the hardest month to raise money for projects, so there was always a significant risk in Launching during the Holiday Season. However we decided, with so much still to learn, we should go ahead and see what happens! As it turns out our instincts were right, but we know what to do differently next time!

So keep an eye on us and look out for the new version of Last One in, it will no doubt undergo a few changes and we will spend a lot of time thinking about reward structures, packaging/design and spreading the word between now and May.

Thank you all again for your amazing support and expect to hear from us in Spring!

Very best wishes for 2018 to you all!

Mark, Janine and Aaron

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